Auto Detail Corporate Accounts

When it comes to marketing your business, many auto detailers fall short from lack of experience. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sales and marketing skills are not easy to learn, but they can be taught.

What is definitely much more difficult to learn is the expertise you have in pulling off amazing transformations of crappy looking cars into beautiful works of art. So don’t sell yourself short just because you need some help selling more of your services.

One of the ways I developed a constant flow of communications with my customers, was through the use of Auto Detail Corporate Accounts.

Frequent Detailing Card as an Employee Benefit

Think about these corporate accounts like you would a frequent detailing card as an employee benefit for local businesses.

So how does it work? It’s kind of simple. You offer employers in your local region discounts and savings for their employees on your washing and detailing packages.

Employers love the idea of keeping their employees chained to their desks. I know that sounds bad, but it’s true. Bosses know their employees are more productive when they are sitting at their desk doing work. But all bosses also enjoy looking like the office hero.

You can help local businesses with both of these goals by offering them auto detail corporate accounts.

Continuous Flow of New Customers

Basically, the employer sets up an account with you. Then sends out a pdf of a flyer you make that’s customized to their office. On it, you point out that XYZ Company is offering a new employee benefit that gives them discounts on car washing and detailing services through your shop.

This can be a huge moneymaker for your shop when it’s done correctly. It offers a continuous flow of new customers from one location. If you have a mobile crew or mobile detailing business, you can work it out with the employer to show up on certain days and take care of employee vehicles right in their parking lot.

Shop owners can work out deals with the employer where you and your staff can come pickup vehicles and drive them back and forth to your shop. As long as you have the proper insurance to do so. If you haven’t read our page on garage keepers liability insurance, this would be a good time to do so.

This can be a profitable service with a continuous flow of detailing jobs from local employers.


Provide Benefits to Their Employees

Most employers these days are looking for ways to provide benefits to their employees that make them look good and also save the company money.  Auto Detail Corporate Accounts are a fantastic way for them to do this without costing their business a dime.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of getting their car dropped off at your shop and figuring out a ride back to work, you have a solution. Employees stay at the office, which makes the boss happy, and they get a discount on an auto detail simply because they are an employee of that business.

Exclusive with Significant Savings

It’s important that you make your auto detail corporate accounts program exclusive with significant savings over any other programs available through your detailing business.

The most important selling point to employers is the exclusivity of the discounts. But employees and their bosses are always suspicious. So if they call your shop and ask about getting a certain discount, you need to stay diligent and point out that the discount they are mentioning is only offered through our corporate accounts program.

That makes the company (your customer) look great since their employees can’t get that pricing from you if they walk in off the street or call.

Potential Sales Opportunities

And don’t forget to always be thinking about potential sales opportunities. If you do get a call asking about the same discounts offered to your corporate accounts customers, that’s an opportunity. Don’t be afraid to tell them that you’d be happy to come to their business and talk about setting up a corporate account for their employers.

Payroll Deductions for Detailing Services

If you get more advanced in this area, you can also offer your area employers the ability to offer payroll deductions for detailing services as an employee benefit. This can save both the employer and employee even more money.

The way we did this was by offering a weekly on site wash program for $10 to $20 per car. We sold it to the employer by including one free wash for every 3 that was purchased by an employee. Essentially we gave the employer the ability to look great by selling their employees on the exclusive part of the program.

Just by participating in the auto detail corporate account, each employee was receiving one free carwash each month.

 And because the payments were being payroll deducted, we simply gave the employer a bill each month and received a check shortly after. It was a win-win-win. Employee, employer, and our detail shop all won.

Additional Exclusive Benefits

At our company, we offered both mobile detailing and shop services. So we later offered additional exclusive benefits exclusive to auto detail corporate accounts that helped us increase both types of services.

Online Appointment Scheduling

One program was online appointment scheduling. Employees could setup any carwashing or detailing services online, which they loved. We also gave them the flexibility to upgrade services with additional discounts. For example, if they wanted to upgrade to a full detail or interior wipe down with vacuum and windows, they simply added it online.

The nice part about this was our ability to adjust the type of service based on the weather. If the weather was cooperating, we would send one of the mobile crews to their location. If not, we would send out drivers to bring their car back to our detail shop.

The other cool part of online scheduling is it improved our efficiency and made us look a lot more organized than our competition. When our mobile crew arrived at a business, they had a printout of each employee and their car that was needed, so they simply handed that to the office manager.

Morning Detail Drop Off

At our larger employer accounts, we introduced a process where employees that were scheduled to have their cars washed or detailed that day, would simply drop them off in a specified area of the parking lot.

We called it the ‘Morning Detail Drop Off’. And it was a beautiful thing.

When our crew arrived at the business in the morning, all the cars we needed were in one place. This one simple process change improved our efficiency and eliminated any issues finding vehicles and bothering the employees. It was also very popular with both the employer and our detailing staff.

Inflatable Mobile Garage

Another option for working with corporate accounts at their location might sound complicated, but it makes your life a lot easier. We started using an inflatable mobile garage to be able to work year round when our customers needed us. Here in Pittsburgh, I can’t imagine a mobile detailing business not having one of these. Our weather tends to be on the bad side more often than not.

Auto Detail Corporate Accounts work great as long as you can show an actual benefit to the employer and a big savings to the end customer, which in this case is the employee.

Everybody wants to save money and this is perfect for both the employee and the employer to do that. Auto Detail Corporate Accounts are a highly profitable way to get yourself in good with the local businesses and the additional word of mouth advertising will keep you busy for a long time.