Detail Charity and Fundraising

One of the questions I always get when talking to new detailing business owners and mobile operators is why I’m so big on doing detail charity and fundraising.

You can think of it as being a good community citizen or simply that it is a great business development tool.  Either way, you benefit by working with charities and getting more involved with your community.

I consider detail charity and fundraising to be a great way for the community to get to know my business and the word of mouth exposure is great.

Your church is a great place to start.  If you don’t have one, find a local church that runs bingos and silent auctions. Basically, you donate certificates for full value detailing services.

Call them detail charity and fundraising on your promotional materials and basically all of your costs related to the promotion and the actual value of the services that you are providing can be included in your tax-deductible charitable donation.

Make these services full boat top of the line “Ultimate” packages.  I always gave $250 top of the line packages and the church loved it because they auctioned them off at nearly face value each time.

The church benefits because you just made them money that they can use to fund their essential operations.

You benefit because where do you think they are going to tell people to go to for detailing services?  Who do you think the other members of the church will think of when they need their cars cleaned after winter?

Those nice guys who donate to the church are who they will call.  Many times your Priest, Minister, Rabbi, etc., will even place your company name in their weekly bulletin and that gives you even more exposure.

Here’s an added bonus.  At the end of the year, all of this detail charity and fundraising you did for your community organizations are all a write-off.

Better yet, it’s a write off for the full value of the services you provided.  So if you gave them four $250 Ultimate packages to raffle or auction off, you just got a $1,000 write off.

They come in handy when you stop buying so much equipment after your first few years in business.  That’s when you actually start making some money in this and you find yourself needing as many write-offs as possible.

Plus, keep in mind that it’s really not costing you anything.  I always make sure the detail charity and fundraising activities that we do are personally performed by me.  It also gets my face out there more and can promote the business more.

So labor cost isn’t a factor and truthfully what are your costs of doing a car detail anyway? It’s honestly hardly anything when you aren’t including labor.

Ultimately implementing a detail charity and fundraising program will benefit you in many ways.

The tax benefits and goodwill developed for you in the eyes of your local community far outweigh any costs that you incurred in offering the services.

So donate generously to your local church and non-profit community organizations that need help.  It’s a great way to get your name out there and believe me when I tell you the customers you get from it are very loyal to members of their church.