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When you are in the detailing business, you need to make sure that all your bases are covered.  You have issues flying at you from everywhere.  Employee issues, insurance, taxes, equipment breakdowns, growing the business, marketing, sales, etc., etc.  Pretty much a standard day in any entrepreneur’s life, but the difference with the detailing business is that most of the heavy lifting is done by you, the owner.

A detailing business is usually started by a really good auto detailer.  It takes awhile, but you get better with practice and then decide that you want to go out on your own and give your own business a shot.  Managing everything and working hard will eventually lead you to figure out that you need to add employee’s.  We have a section just on employee’s and why you need to set them up correctly from the beginning.  Classify them properly for taxes, insure everything properly and these proactive decisions will benefit you in many ways.  Insurance and taxes are two big areas of confusion and problems that many detailing business shop owners run into.  Do it right from the beginning so it doesn’t become a headache down the road.  Business structure is another important subject when discussing detailing business ideas.  What do you operate as?  Sole Proprietor?  LLC?  Corporation?  We aren’t attorneys or accountants, but we can share some of the actions that we took in our own business that might give you some ideas that you can take to them for their professional advice.

Hopefully the business pages below and the continuing posts and training materials added to this site will help you grow your business.  We appreciate you stopping by and we always welcome new members to our detailing community.  Feel free to join and participate in the detailing business community forum pages.  It’s free and members have access to ask questions from our pro’s to bounce ideas, get feedback and learn from experienced professionals.

Here are several pages under the detailing business category that might help you:

Auto Detailing Insurance – Protect yourself, your customers and your employee’s. Don’t risk bankruptcy.

Employee’s and Taxes – Set them up right from the beginning and you will be glad that you did.

Transport Plates – Important, hard to get and some background on why it’s worth the effort.

Auto Detailing Business Methods – Detailing best practices for you to consider in your detailing business.

Detail Shop Health Insurance – It’s more affordable than you think and drastically improves employee morale.

Detail Shop Customer Satisfaction – How to improve your ratings and keep customers happy.

Detailing Charity and Fund Raising – This is a great marketing opportunity and community awareness program.

Auto Detail Corporate Customer Accounts – Offering these will explode your profits.

Thanks again for stopping by, we look forward to talking with you soon in our community pages.