Auto Detail Corporate Accounts

Auto Detail Corporate Accounts are probably one of the least understood aspects of the detailing business.  You should embrace the idea of offering employers in your area savings on detailing package prices if they offer your services to their employees.  This can be a huge money maker for your shop with a continuous flow of detail jobs from local employers.


Auto Detail Corporate Accounts

Most employers these days are looking for ways to provide benefits to their employees that make them look good and also save the company money.  Auto Detail Corporate Accounts are a fantastic way for them to do this.  They love it when you come along and tell the company you can keep their employees at their desk instead of bringing their car to you at your shop.  Plus, on top of that you can offer then a big discount that they can’t get anywhere else.  Maybe 10%-20% depending on the number of employees they can promote you with.  That makes the company look great since they can’t get that pricing from you if they walk in off the street or call.

Pretax Deductions for Detailing Services as an Employee Benefit

If you get more advanced in this area, you can also offer your area employers the ability to pretax deductions for detailing services as an employee benefit. This can save both the employer and employee even more money. The way we did this was by offering a weekly on site wash program for $10 per car. We sold it to the employer by including one free wash for every 3 that was purchased by an employee. Essentially we gave the employer the ability to look great by being able to tell their employees that just by participating in the auto detail corporate account that they had setup for them, the employer was contributing by getting them one wash for free each month and they were able to do pretax deductions from their paycheck for the other 3 per month. This saved them money by pretaxing it.

Additional Benefits Exclusive to Auto Detail Corporate Accounts

Then we added additional benefits exclusive to auto detail corporate accounts where an employee could setup additional services on an online scheduling system, which they love!  If they want to upgrade to a full detail, they add that online. If they want to add just a quick interior vaccuum with windows, they would do that online. Then when our mobile crew arrived they had a printout of every car that was needed and they gave that to the office manager. When we got further along we even arranged to have people getting their cars washed would park in a specified area of the parking lot the morning of detail day. We would arrive and all the cars we needed were in one place. It is a beautiful system and very popular. In a down economy everybody wants to save money and this is perfect for both the employee and the employer. Auto Detail Corporate Accounts are a highly profitable way to get yourself in good with the local employers and the additional word of mouth business will keep you busy for a long time.

Inflatable Mobile Garage

Another aspect of auto detail corporate accounts that you shouldn’t overlook is the idea of utilizing an inflatable mobile garage to be able to work year round when your customers need you instead of only working when the weather is good.

An additional thought about why bigger companies are so great to work with is when you finally get them to let you setup in their parking lot all the employees see you working and race over to get you to schedule their car in next.  Most employees don’t have time to take their car to a detail shop and their bosses can’t be really excited about them leave work for something like that.  So setting up in their employers parking lot with their bosses blessing is a wonderful thing as far as they are concerned.

Auto Detail Corporate Accounts work great as long as you can show an actual benefit to the employer and a big savings to the end customer, which in this case is the employee.

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