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Auto Detail Corporate Accounts

Auto Detail Corporate Accounts are probably one of the least understood aspects of the detailing business. You should embrace the idea of offering employers in your area savings on detailing package prices if they offer your services to their employees. This can be a huge money maker for your shop with a continuous flow of detail jobs from local employers.

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You Can’t Run a Business Without Insurance

If you don’t think insurance is important enough to protect yourself, consider it as a marketing ploy. Either way, regardless of how you look at it you can’t run a business without insurance. There are too many variables if you don’t have downside protection. That’s how we use it. I tell people it’s like hedging bets when you gamble in Vegas. You always want to have a downside limit to how much you can lose. If you have your life invested in your business and no insurance, your losses have the potential to be more than 100% of your investment.

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Detail Shop Technology

Technology is affordable and not as complicated as you might believe. If you automatically think you can’t afford to improve your business with simple and inexpensive technology, eventually your competitors will if they haven’t already done so. Detail Shop Technology is one of the most important upgrades you should be making in your detail shop.

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