Detail Shop Health Insurance

Detail Shop Health Insurance

Another item to think of when it comes to your business is detail shop health insurance. It took us forever to find a good company that had reasonable rates that we could afford for both management and our employees. A great company we found online that offered multiple comparisons of different insurers customized to what we needed is,click here to visit the online quoting system. We definitely recommend you take a look if you are in the market for a policy. The rates were a lot more reasonable than we thought they would be.

One thing to consider if you are toying with the idea of offering detail shop health insurance to your employees.  It is a lot cheaper to have them setup their own individual insurance than it is to offer a group plan.  This is why we went with  We were able to get our people setup on their own detail shop health insurance plans and we just contributed to their plans through their paycheck.  I just had my team each go to the online quoting system and once they showed me the policy issued, our business contributed towards it.  Keep in mind that this is fine to do when you are smaller, but once you get to be a bigger company it can really help both your employees and you to offer group coverage through your business.  Even with group detail shop health insurance. you can still have your employees contributing a maximum of 50% of the cost of their own plan according to the new Federal Affordable Care Act that becomes fully effective in 2014.  You will still have to arrange everything so they know where to get it and how to get it which is why going online made sense.  You can even offer to cover a portion of it if you like.  But the benefit to them in doing it this way is that it is less expensive and it also means they don’t have to worry if they decide to quit for some reason.  The insurance just stays with them since it was their policy to begin with.

The detailing business is like any other when it comes to being properly insured and detail shop health insurance should be included in your plans for insurance.  The reason you have insurance is to make sure you are covered in the event something bad happens.  You and your employees earn a living by being able to work.  Car Detailing is a labor intensive, physically demanding job.  So getting sick without having access to good detail shop health insurance will really prolong any illness or injury.  So by cutting corners like many detail shop owners do, eventually you will get burned in some scenario that you might have thought sounded good but in reality just doesn’t work.  Detail Shop Health Insurance just makes sense and when you look at the other detail shops that compete with you, their employees will be envious that you are helping your people find health coverage.

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