Specialty Cleaning Services

Specialty Cleaning Services

So you’ve been the McDonald’s Children’s Play land, right?  Either as a kid a long time ago or you’ve at least seen the thing when you go through the drive-thru?  Right?  Who cleans that thing?  It’s all fiberglass and plastic?  Kind of like a car?  Exactly!  This would be a job for a Specialty Cleaning Services vendor.  Who better to offer these types of services, than an expert auto detailer who understands how to treat these types of surfaces.

You’ve seen the plastic multi-color slides and playground pieces that I’m talking about.  McDonald’s is very careful to keep them in perfect shape and to clean them often.  Most of the time it’s one of their employees spraying it down with a hose.  That is until you approach the manager about actually detailing or utilizing your specialty cleaning services on these valuable play areas.

Think about it.  Specialty cleaning services are doing what you are already doing.  You detail cars with the same exact materials as these playground units.  What’s a Corvette made of?  Definitely not metal.  So it’s a matter of scrubbing and power washing the playground pieces.  Then you buff wax the pieces to shine them up nicely.  They look great and the kids love them because imagine how much faster that slide is now that it’s waxed!

The other items you can offer through your specialty cleaning services is cleaning the outdoor carpets of the play land areas.  Many people don’t realize this but outdoor carpet will turn black with mold and mildew.  Really the only way to remove it is to lightly powerwash the carpeting and then remove the mold through heated carpet extraction.  It’s cleans-up perfect and looks great.  Most powerwashing businesses don’t have the ability to do that level of specialty cleaning services.  So you need to make everybody aware of the fact that you can do this.

Another area that is highly profitable and along the same lines as specialty cleaning services is the outdoor carpets and plastic statues in Putt-Putt type mini golf facilities.  These places can never keep their stuff clean.  It’s constantly being walked on and it looks horrible every month they are open.  So you offer to do a monthly cleaning of the entire mini-golf area and shine their statues along with it.  The great thing about this is that nobody cleans these places and the mini-gold people don’t even consider the idea that you will do it for them because nobody has ever offered.  Your competition also doesn’t do it because they don’t think of these kinds of things either.  They are too busy out trying to close dealerships for whatever low-ball bid they are going to lose money at.

Specialty cleaning services work because they are highly profitable niche markets that you can exploit by being one of the first in your area to market and service.  They’re profitable because nobody else is doing it so where else are they going to go? Plus, you’ll pick-up the business of the management and owners of the place simply because you develop that level of trust with them by doing their other business.

Try adding specialty cleaning services to your detailing business and you’ll be impressed with how much more profit you make by adding them to your service listing.