This is awesome news. If there is one truck/SUV that I grew-up with that I loved more than nearly all other similar vehicles, it was the Ford Bronco SUV.

You remember the square/boxy design? It was a man’s truck. There was no prettiness about it, just “here I am, love me for my brute force and power”.

A buddy of mine had one that he bought used back in the mid-80s. It was really used. He got it for a song and we cleaned it up, installed some kick ass speakers and stereo and it was the truck we used for everything.

I’m sure the new Ford Bronco SUV being released in 2020 will be much prettier. The pictures I’ve seen though have the same boxy design and that serious look of power.

I’m getting on a waiting list as soon as it’s available!


We’ve known via the UAW and numerous rumors over the past few years that the Ford Ranger pickup and the Ford Bronco SUV will make their triumphant return to the American market. But now the news comes straight from the Blue Oval: The Ranger will arrive in 2019 and the Bronco a year later, in 2020. Both vehicles are confirmed for production in Michigan at Ford’s Wayne assembly plant, with production of the Ranger beginning in late 2018 and the Bronco at some undetermined point after that.

Both the Ranger and the Bronco will be body-on-frame vehicles, and they are expected to share platforms and powertrains. The mid-size Ranger pickup most likely will be an updated version of the current Ranger pickup sold globally (which is shown in our photo gallery), with new engines, transmissions, and revised styling for our market. Details on the Bronco are a bit fuzzier, but Ford does say that it’ll be a “no-compromise mid-size 4×4 utility for thrill seekers who want to venture way beyond the city.” Translation: It’ll directly compete with the Jeep Wrangler.