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Bumper scratch and scuff repair

As a detail shop business owner, the question you need to ask is why should I add any additional services other than detailing and washing cars. Why add window tinting?  Why add bumper scratch and scuff repair services?  Why add paint chip repair? Why? It's simple,...

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Specialty Cleaning Services

Specialty Cleaning Services When you are out looking for work as a detailer, creativity is your friend. If you only focus on cars, then your job will morph into a full-time salesperson that occasionally details cars. Nobody wants that. So step back, take a deep...

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Mobile Services

Mobile Services for Auto Detailing When I think back about how I started my detailing businesses, I did it the old fashioned way. By old fashioned I mean I opened my own fixed location shop with a bunch of overhead. Those 'hard' costs that are difficult to adjust or...

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