What is Ozone Odor Removal?

You’ve got a smelly car and can’t get the odor out. When this happens you first identify the problem or source.

Clean that located odor source first.

Then you bring out the big guns in foul odor removal; the ozone generator.

By utilizing an ozone generator machine and learning how to properly clean the source of odors you can advertise yourself as an expert at odor removal. After several of these odor removal services, your skills should improve dramatically.


What is Ozone Odor Removal?

Ozone Odor Removal is a highly effective process of locating and eliminating odors in vehicles. This process combines the deep cleaning of the odor-causing source, along with the rest of the vehicle interior. Then placing an ozone generator machine inside the vehicle for several hours.

Ozone Odor Removal Process Details

People spend a lot of time in their cars. Sometimes their cars get smelly. Eventually, they all do if they aren’t taken care of with regular cleanings.

The ozone odor removal process is accomplished by first identifying the odor-causing source.

Once you find the cause, you can eliminate it by thoroughly deep cleaning the vehicle interior. Also paying special attention to the area of the odor source.

The last and most important step is to place an ozone generator machine inside the vehicle. Then it is turned on and left for a few hours to fill the vehicle with odor eliminating ozone.

This step not only attacks the source of the odors but also permeates the fabric, HVAC (heating and air conditioning system), and all the nooks and crannies where those odors were hiding.

Ozone cleaning processes are nearly always successful. Detail shops have used these systems for years to locate and eliminate the source of nearly all foul smells in a vehicle.

How Does Ozone Eliminate Odors?

The ozone generator machine creates negatively charged ions. Those ions attach to the larger particles of the pollutants and odors. Then the generator blower filters the particles through its filter to be cleaned out later.

It sounds like a simple procedure, but the equipment is expensive. The process is also time-consuming since ozone equipment is left in the vehicle for several hours. On more difficult jobs you might have to leave it running overnight.

Ozone generators are highly effective, state of the art machines that cleanse the air of pollutants and foul odors inside vehicles.

Ozone Generator Cost

An average-sized Ozone Generator Machine will cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500 or more. You can get cheaper ozone generators, but they won’t necessarily hold up under the stress and frequent use of an auto detail shop.

The great thing about ozone generator units is that they really do work at removing odors, so the upsell is easy. And this will be a profit generator for any detail shop that manages it properly.

Ad Copy for Odor Removal Services

Here’s the ad copy we use when advertising the ozone generator for odor removal services. It spells out exactly what it does for your customers:

We are experts at odor removal! Our ozone odor removal system is the most advanced in this region. This service is perfect when combined with an interior detail or a full premium detail. Our system will find the source of the odor problem and remove it through a steam cleaning and carpet extraction process. The Ozone Generator Machine is then placed in your vehicle and any bacteria, mold, mildew, or other odor-causing element is neutralized. This is done by filling your passenger compartment, trunk, air ducts, heater, and air conditioner with odor-killing ozone. This entire process takes between 4 or 5 hours, although we have had vehicles with odor problems that needed ozone working overnight.

How Much Do I Charge for Ozone Odor Removal?

On average you can usually talk your detail customer into adding an additional $100 to $180 or more onto your standard full detail charge. We call this the Ozone Odor Removal Upsell. You can offer a guarantee to make it an easier sell. Our shops told customers if we didn’t eliminate the foul smell, then they don’t pay the additional ozone cost. That makes it easy to sell.

Their car stinks right now, so you’ve got a pretty motivated customer. I’m not saying to take advantage of the situation, but your customer needs to understand that if you make the investment in the equipment that will remove that odor, it’s going to cost them some money.

And by guaranteeing your work, you give your customer peace of mind that they aren’t getting baited into something they don’t need.

Offering Ozone Odor Removal at your shop will definitely be a great value-added service that your customers will appreciate.

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