Windshield Repair

That tiny chip or star in your windshield is a large and growing crack waiting to happen.

If this happens to you then windshield repair is in your future.

Unless of course, you feel like paying for the replacement of the entire windshield.

Most Stars, Chips, and Cracks are Eligible for Windshield Repair

Depending on its size and location on the windshield, most stars, chips, and cracks are eligible for windshield repair using a resin injection system to harden the area and reinforce the glass.

Because windshield repair saves your insurance company money on the total replacement of a windshield, many will cover the entire cost without any need for a deductible.

What is the Cost to Repair a Cracked Windshield?

The average cost to repair a cracked windshield is anywhere from $25 to $95 or more. The cost depends on the location of the damage, size of the repair area, and also whether or not your insurance is covering the repair. Many repairs are covered by insurance without having to pay a deductible or sometimes a limited deductible of $20 to $40 depending on the type of insurance coverage.

Why do insurance companies pay for windshield repair?

Because paying a cracked windshield repair company $50 or $75 is much less than a full windshield replacement which can easily run several hundred dollars.

So you can see why your insurance company would rather pay for a windshield repair.

It’s also important to note that left alone, this small star will become a fast-growing crack once the colder temperatures and your heater start working on it.

When you have a windshield repair procedure done, the area that’s repaired actually becomes harder than the surrounding area of the windshield.

Many customers of ours ask if the windshield repair area is weaker because it has already been cracked. I have seen stress test examples where the surrounding glass on the windshield cracks but the area of the windshield repair is still solid and intact because the resin used for the repair is stronger than the surrounding glass.

Offering windshield repair services is a good investment of time and money if your car detailing shop or mobile detailing business is looking for an additional profit center.

And customers that are interested in this service should research it further and find a local company that performs these services often enough to be good at it.

As always, make sure the shop or technician you are hiring is fully insured with liability insurance.