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This website is a labor of love and way of giving back to an incredible industry.

I designed the site to include information that wasn’t available anywhere else when I was starting my own detailing business.

After 20-years in the detailing industry, I’ve learned many things that I wished I knew back when I started.

My goal with Auto Detail Guide was to build an online resource where detailers could go to learn, share and improve themselves and their business.

It Was Just Me Detailing Cars

I started as a single proprietor detail shop, so in the beginning, it was just me detailing cars. I had a great time, but it was hard work.

As I grew my business I added employees and a ton of new opportunities opened up. I also found a lot of new headaches to deal with as I increased expenses and the stress of dealing with employees.

I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned from each one and it helped me to be a better employer and business owner.

Over Time My Team Grew

My detailing business expanded so fast that it was hard to keep up with the growth. Over time my team grew to keep up with all the new business.

There were times when it seemed like I was just adding new services to make enough money to pay for the added equipment and employees. It was rough.

I Learned How to Cut the Right Expenses

That’s when I learned how to cut the right expenses without sacrificing quality or the services the business was able to offer our expanding customer base.

I also made sure I didn’t expand too fast. I asked for input from my team and implemented their ideas.

I also had regular meetings with my team and explained my rationale for different decisions. And more importantly, I actually listened to ideas from employees. Especially with issues that affected them.

Treat Your People Like Partners

If you treat your people like partners, they will have more respect for their jobs and the business.

In meetings, I would say things like, “Listen, guys, we can either work a ton of overtime and be careful about adding new employees to the team or risk needing to layoff people if things slow down.”

By talking to my employees and considering their input, they knew I had their back.

Nobody Complained About the Long Hours

So we all worked harder, made a lot more money, and nobody complained about the long hours.

Eventually, I added 25 full-time detailers, more teams handling mobile service rigs, industrial pressure washing, boat detailing, aircraft detailing, heavy equipment cleaning, and specialty cleaning services.

Great Businesses Run On Processes

Every business has barriers to entry. Basically this is the cost of starting in that business. Unfortunately, auto detailing has a low barrier to entry. Anybody with a hose and a bucket can call themselves an ‘auto detailer’ and work out of their garage at home. In most towns and municipalities, it’s illegal to do this, but it doesn’t stop them until they get caught and fined.

Or they get bored of their new hobby when they realize it’s hard work.

Detailing, like any business, gets easier when you figure out ways to do things better and faster. Great businesses run on processes and systems. So each time I would perfect a detailing skill, I would write the process down in detail.

Eventually, that became our training system and it allowed me to rapidly expand my business.

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So thanks again for stopping by and checking out My hope is that you walk away from our site having learned new ways to do things that will increase your profits, skills, and efficiency.

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