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Ozone Odor Removal in Cars [2021]

You’ve got a bad smell in your car, and no matter what you do, it won’t go away. That usually means you haven’t found the source of the unpleasant smell. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do other than sprinkle baking soda and hope for the best. Removing stubborn odors is a problem best left for professionals. A skilled professional detailer has all the right equipment, chemicals, and the most effective way to clean any vehicle properly. And when it comes to ozone odor removal in cars, the best way to do that is to use an ozone generator.

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What is Ozone Odor Removal [Updated 2020]

So what is Ozone Odor Removal? It’s highly effective, state of the art, piece of equipment that we use to cleanse the air of pollutants and foul odors that are in your vehicle. The ozone machine creates negatively charged ions that attach to larger particles of the pollutants or odors and then catches them in its filter to be cleaned out later. It sounds like a simple procedure, but the equipment is very expensive and the process is somewhat time-consuming since we leave our ozone machine in your vehicle for several hours.

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About Us

The AutoDetailingGuide website was designed to include information that wasn’t available anywhere else when I was starting my own auto detailing business. We appreciate your interest in learning more about us. Now we write about excellent sources of auto detailing equipment, auto detailing supplies, important business insurance, training, and organization systems. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you improve the profitability of your detail shop or mobile detailing business.

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Auto Detailing Liability Insurance [Updated 2020]

One of the most important aspects of running any kind of business is having the right business insurance coverage. Auto Detailing Liability Insurance is no less important. With a detail shop, your insurance requirements are more specific than many other businesses. Mainly because you have care, custody, and control of customer vehicles. Which exposes you to greater liability if you damage a vehicle.

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Auto Detailing Business Best Practices

So what exactly is “Auto Detailing Business Best Practices”? It’s a fairly simple concept actually. All of these “best practices” actually contribute to developing more business and building a great reputation. Our shop doubled our sales and tripled our profits after implementing this for only 2 months. Those kinds of results made it worthwhile to keep promoting and improving these ideas.

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Paint Chip Repair

Scuffs, minor scratches, paint flaking, bumper scuffs and deep scratches. All of these kinds of minor damage can be repaired without the services of a body shop. A paint chip repair can have your vehicle looking like new most times in less than a day.

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