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Scuffs, minor scratches, paint flaking, bumper scuffs, and deep scratches. All of these kinds of minor damage can are be repaired without the services of a body shop. A paint chip repair can have your vehicle looking like new most times in less than a day.

Paint Chip Repair

Compare a detail shop’s micro paint chip repair and touch-up services to those of a local body shop and the advantages to staying far away from a body shop are obvious:

paint chip scratch repair

  • Cost: body shops replace damaged parts with new and paint them, dramatically increasing your costs. With the expense of a new bumper at approx. $350 and the painting of that bumper an additional $350, your body shop costs are $700. A Micro Paint Chip Repair or Touch-up Painting of that bumper at $180 to $250 will show you definite savings!
  • Time: A Micro Paint Chip Repair Touch-up Service takes less than a day to complete. Try getting a body shop to do anything on your vehicle in less than a day. The time savings is obvious!

Scuff and Scratch Removal

Many times paint chip repair, and touch-up may not even be necessary. See our scuff and scratch removal page for more information on this service before you consider paint touch-up, chip repair or additional damage repair. You, the consumer, should exhaust all of your possible options for the inexpensive repair of your vehicle.

Handled Quickly and Efficiently as Part of a Full-Service Detail Package

Where do these scuffs mostly show up? Most of the times where any high traffic contact exists, such as door handles and places like the gas door where the car is accidentally bumped or brushed with the gas pump nozzle or handle. Bumper scuffs also happen by brushes with other vehicles and walls. These can be handled quickly and efficiently as part of a full-service detail package.

Do you want this service performed in your area? We have a criteria page of what to look for in a reconditioning show performing minor body repairs. This is something you want to review. Also, make sure you review our Proper Insurance page to find a list of questions to ask about insurance before you agree to have the work done.

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