If you work outside year-round, you’re at the mercy of the weather.

An Inflatable Mobile Garage can make a huge improvement in your ability to stay profitable year-round versus letting Mother Nature control your business!

Inflatable Mobile Garage

Inflatable Mobile Garage Workshop Pic 3When it comes to properly utilize an inflatable mobile garage, the right size can make all the difference.

Too small and you just wasted a bunch of money on something that you won’t use. Too big and it becomes so hard to work with that once again, you won’t use it.

We did a ton of research on this subject and eventually determined that our perfect size was 25 ft. length 10′ height and 15′ width.

As far as an inflatable mobile garage is concerned, this size is perfect to work on a full-size pickup with a regular bed and extended cab, which is generally at the top end of larger vehicle sizes that a mobile detailer is going to work on.

We use these inflatable mobile garages to detail vehicles and also do chip repair and bumper paint. So it is definitely the thing to get if you work outside and have weather problems as we do in Western Pennsylvania.

Inflatable Mobile Garage Workshop Pic 1Working and Profitable Year-Round

In the middle of Northern US Winters, an inflatable mobile garage will really do the trick to keep your mobile business working and profitable year-round.

There are pros and cons to using these in the field though, so make sure you do your research and understand exactly what goes into implementing these as a tool in your business.

I have spoken with car reconditioning experts around the country and the ones that use these inflatable mobile garages are big fans but they also have their own horror stories about things that can happen while using them.

The wind is Not Your Friend

When using an inflatable mobile garage, keep in mind that wind is not your friend.

These inflatables essentially become giant kites if not tied down correctly. With that said, if you do decide to go the inflatable route, really dig into your liability insurance coverage.

You want to make sure that both the inflatable itself is covered if it gets damaged and also that anything in it is covered in the event that it collapses or blows away and hits moving vehicles or other worst scenarios.

Not Just Limited to Cold Weather Climates

Inflatable Mobile Garages are great tools for detailing, but they also do a wonderful job keeping cars out of the sun, dust, and wind, so it’s not just limited to cold weather climates.

Unfortunately, our experience is that in Spring and Fall the wind is worse than in Winter, at least up here in Pennsylvania.

So regardless of when you use it, you are going to have to be careful that it is properly tied down. One of our inflatable mobile garages was involved in a microburst wind storm which made it lift off the ground and hit the side of a 4 story building before landing on a car parked at the side of the building.

This is why we always suggest making sure your business liability insurance coverage is updated and paid.

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