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Auto Reconditioning Services

Detailing businesses must adapt to survive in tough economies like we’ve been dealing with for the past five years.

Sadly, the idea of simply doing a good job detailing customer cars is not enough anymore.

People want a “good deal” but they also don’t want to deal with the hassles of finding different companies to provide different services.

Time is money as they say and with the overworked consumer, many of your auto detailing customers just don’t have time to bring their car to different companies for servicing.

This is where you can benefit incredibly by adding Auto Reconditioning Services to your existing auto detail shop or mobile detailing business. Auto Reconditioning Services are “specialty” services that can dramatically improve your profitability.

Unfortunately, most of your customers don’t realize how much work goes into great detail.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t consider getting it detailed from the fly-by-night guy that operates out of his home in their neighborhood. Those are the people you are competing with. And one of the basic things you need to understand about the detailing business is once you decide to go down the path of competing on price, you will never recover.

You will forever be known as the discount detail guy and you might as well add a car wash to your business. So instead of cutting your throat by lowering your prices, why not add some services that your customers will gladly pay for?

As far as your customers are concerned, these are all services that only “experts” can offer. I’m talking about auto reconditioning services such as :

Micro Paint Chip Repair

Bumper Painting and Scratch Repair

Interior Repair for Leather, Vinyl and Upholstery

Carpet Burns Repair and Carpet Dyeing

Paintless Dent Repair

Window Tinting Installation and Removal

Windshield Repair

And More…

Adding these auto reconditioning services won’t cost you a massive investment of time or money. Most of the time you spend will be simply perfecting your skills, just like you already do with your buffing and other specialty services that you offer now.

The difference you will notice is how much more money your customers are willing to pay for these “specialty” auto reconditioning services versus your standard services.

These types of services are very profitable and will provide you with the added income and profits that your business needs to thrive in this any economic environment.