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Looming IRS Problems for Small Business

Many detail shops have big problems classifying their employees correctly. Why? Mainly because some shop owners try to save a few bucks on the taxes paid for employees. So they think they can pull a fast one and pay their employees cash under the table. Even worse, some shop owners will tell their workers that they are “independent contractors” and just cut them a check each week. Either way, both methods are illegal. This behavior is the reason there are so many looming IRS problems for small business detail shops in this country. What’s worse is you hurt the people working for you. And you make the entire industry look like fly by night operators when you get caught.

Paint Chip Scratch Repair

At your local detail shop or mobile details service, you can find many other lower cost alternatives for paint chip and scratch repair services. Many times a scuff or key scratch isn’t through the clearcoat and can be removed by wet sanding and agressive compounding. After this we can move on to paint chip and scratch repair, touch-up, or bumper repairs and painting. These are considered standard car reconditioning services.

Highway Paint Removal

Highway roadpaint is applied hot so it dries fast. Sometimes not fast enough. It gets pulled up on to wheels, splattered into wheel wells, and thrown onto trim and body paint. And it’s nearly impossible to remove. But we know how and we’re gonna show you how.