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About Us

The Auto Detailing Guide site was designed to include information that wasn’t available anywhere else when I was starting my own auto detailing business. It’s important to understand this about Auto Detailing Guide so you can see why we do this. After a decade in the business, my team and I now have access to excellent sources of auto detailing equipment, auto detailing supplies, important business insurance, training, organization systems and more. So now I write about my experiences and try to help other detail shop owners build their businesses. Kind of my way to give back to a great industry that I really enjoy being involved in.

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New Ford Bronco SUV

This is awesome news. If there is one truck/SUV that I grew-up with that I loved more than nearly all other similar vehicles, it was the Ford Bronco SUV. You remember the square/boxy design? It was a man’s truck. There was no prettiness about it, just “here I am, love me for my brute force and power”.

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